Instruments and Collaborators wanted!

As part of my WeeklyBeats output this year, I am hoping some people might have some stringed instruments that I can borrow for at least a couple of days. Things like ukeleles, banjos, violins, small harps, etc. so long as it’s portable and able to be carried on a train. Please get in touch if you have something I can borrow! I’ll look after it.

I’m also hoping to collaborate with people who play instruments or sing! The only real criteria is that the instrument is portable (trains, etc) and that the performer can improvise outside of a jazz/pop context/style. I’d like to have one collaborator per week. Down the track it would be great to release the works we create as an EP or album though!

So get in touch if you can offer me an instrument and/or collaborate! I’d love to hear from you. I will give more details about the works I am conceiving of upon contact.



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