News 13/6/2014

This is a general news update to highlight some of the things that I’ve been doing, and will be doing, in the coming months. No doubt I’ll remember to write about the events in more detail as they draw closer.

First up is a couple of website updates. The first is a couple of modifications reflecting more recent work in the scores section; they are the Duet for Flute and Computer and Abandoned Space: A Portrait in Miniature. The latter was recently performed for the second time by the dissonArt Ensemble, for whom it was written, at the Swiss Contemporary Music Festival. The miniature has been included in a larger work called The Gesture of Relationships and the Relationships of Gesture, a trio for flute, clarinet and piano which was part-written for Melbourne trio Faux Foe, and premiered at an intimate house-concert in May, 2014.

The second site update is a new calendar system for upcoming events. I’m still working on it, attempting to get it to show a stream of upcoming performances rather than a daily calendar. This allows me to administer my upcoming performances/concerts of my work/other public things through iCal, which is incredible convenient.

Asides the Swiss Contemporary Music Festival performance noted above, I have also just received word that my piece Mozart Variations is to be performed at this concert:

I’m not sure what form the work will take, as it is an indeterminate work, but I’m completely thrilled by this news. It’s one of those pieces that I wrote because I wanted to without any performers in mind, in fact, when I started writing it I didn’t intend it to be performable at all, but as it developed I started running through performative interpretations of it in my head and started thinking that while it makes a wonderful wall display (if I may say so), it would also make a fascinating piece. So this will be the world premiere of that work. It’s very exciting.

I’m slowly working to fulfil a commission by the John Mallinson Youth Band for youth wind ensemble and professional soloist. The soloist in question will be the wonderful Peter Sheridan, and as the work is developing, I am hoping that both he and the rest of the ensemble are challenged and excited by the work. In particular, I’m hoping to show these young musicians what can be possible on an instrument. More news on this as it develops.

I’ve also been commissioned to facilitate the Portland edition of Let Me Count The Ways, which I started back in may. I’ve had to put the concluding part and exhibition back by over a month due to unforeseen circumstances that were beyond my control. However, the new dates for the conclusion of the project are the 28th of July to the 3rd of August. I’ll post an update to the project website shortly. The great news here is that there are plenty of opportunities for people who may have been away for the original dates to be present and for more contributions to come through!

In late September I will be installing a sonic art work at the University of Melbourne, Parkville, in the Systems Garden. The exact realisation of this work I will keep secret for the moment, but the show is curated by Art History PhD candidate Aneta Trajkoski in conjunction with the George Paton Gallery, and will include my work in the garden and two sound works in the main gallery. More information as it comes to light.

Finally, I’m involved in a project by my old composition teacher, Peter McIlwain, tentatively called The Digital Musicbox. You can see a video about it in its early stages:

That’s it for now, more news as it develops on all of these fronts. Somewhere in there I became a confirmed PhD candidate at the Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne, and that in its own right has a bunch of news attached to it. But another time.


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