The School of Chemistry/Bio 21 Institute Artist in Residence

I am one of six artists in residence, and the only composer, in this collaboration between the Victorian College of the Arts and the School of Chemistry/Bio 21 Institute, developing a series of works for performance late in 2015 based on mass-spectrometry data


Let Me Count The Ways

Let me count the ways is a state-wide public art projected by Roger Alsop, facilitated by various practitioners in different parts of the state. I again returned to Portland to facilitate that arm of the project. This was funded through the Regional Training and Engagement Fund from the University of Melbourne.

I wrote about it and made a basic website

Here is the newly made parent website with all the projects.



In October and November of 2013, I was artist in residence in the town of Portland, Vic, developing a work for the annual Upwelling Festival, with funding from the University of Melbourne Regional Training and Engagement Fund.

The project culminated in a public multi-channel performance during the Upwelling Festival, of four spatialised speakers looping a one hour work in different speaker configurations throughout the day. The idea of the work was to bring to light the unheard (or unattended) sounds that make up life in Portland, and to blend those with the sounds of the festival environment.

Below are some links to some things on the subject.

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