Cafe Sample Pack/Drum Rack (Ableton Live)

This is my first attempt at exporting an instrument I’ve made from Live, and I’ve not actually tested it, so I hope it works. This collection of samples are all 1.5 seconds long, with the idea being that if you use MIDI to make it shorter, well, it will be shorter. Now what would be cool would be if, using M4L, I could trigger specific parts of the sample as well. But that’s a challenge for another day, or most likely year.

So, the drum rack is loaded up from G2 to A3 (bass clef, no ledger lines) with reversed versions of the samples, and from E4 to F5 (treble clef, no ledger lines) with the non-reversed samples. This is to facilitate easy realisation of written scores using the software, to explore complex rhythmic relationships and whatnot. I will be posting an example of what I did with this pack tomorrow.

Anyway, if anybody modifies or uses it, please let me know. I’d like to see/hear what people do with the pack. I anyone modifies the pack/samples, I’d appreciate if you sent the pack back to me so I can have a play with it!

Download Live Pack Here

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