Delay line fun – vg.holycrap, M4L Device

It’s been a while since I wrote anything here. But I can assure you, my dear reader, that I have not been idle.

This little post is about a Max for Live object that I made quickly this afternoon as a bit of fun to help Alice Bennett out in her Project 365.



There are a bunch of controls in this thing, and two outputs. But none of that should be intimidating. To go through the controls we have a metronome on/off switch and duration control (top left), under that is a graphical envelope creator. To the right of that, the top line is the five delay line times (which have a maximum of 1500ms, though I’ve not set that – oops), under which is the filter frequencies. This is a onepole~ low pass filter, and corresponds directly to the delay line above it. Finally, below that is two oscillator frequency selections, which drive saw tooth wave modulators within the delay loops of delay 1 and 3. The metronome and envelope affects (at the specified metronome interval) the fifth delay line, and this delay is what goes out the right live.gain~ object. The left live.gain~ object is the sum of all the rest of the delay lines.

I’m sure there are bugs, and if anyone modifies/improves/uses please let me know! Some of the sounds are pretty interesting and it kind of goes on its own evolutionary path.

Enjoy, and download here, and listen here (or in the big thing below!)

For the curious, I’ve also added two more work previews in the scores section.

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