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My research interests include: memetics, mathematics in music, music composition, creative practice as a mode of philosophic inquiry, the science/art nexus, and other things.

I am currently working on and thinking about, by myself or with other people: using mathematical (rather than traditional musical) set theory to analyse my own works, the loss of the attitude of dada in contemporary music making, collaboration in new music with specialised instruments, the reality of mathematics in musical contexts, fundamentalist ideology in identity politics, determinism in improvisation (and the lack of free will)

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 PhD Thesis


This dissertation proposes a novel memetic framework and creative methodology to probe the mechanism underpinning the transmission of a composer’s intention to an audience, contending that cultural replicators – memes – drive our understanding of intention. It is hypothesised that memes catalyse the creation of artefacts which, in turn, act as instigators for memetic replication in brains. Additionally, it is hypothesised that microsound – sound at the edge of perception – may play a key role as memetic instigator.

Thinking about these hypotheses and how they might be interrogated through works of organised sound (music, sonic art), yields creative deployment of microsound in primarily scored works. This creative process allows the researcher to arrive at a deeper understanding of memetics and to formalise the conceptual memetic framework and hypotheses described herein. In this way, theory and practice become interlocked in the search for evidence of memes in the creation of works of organised sound, and the role memes play in an audience’s ability to (re)construct the intention of a composer.

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