I teach music making across the following disciplines, many of which are interrelated.

  • Music composition:
    • Notated music;
    • Semi-notated/structural improvisation;
    • Electronic music;
    • Hybrid acoustic/electronic music;
    • Experimental music practices;
    • Acousmatic/electroacoustic music;
  • Music theory*:
    • 20th/21st Century Music theory:
      • 12-tone technique;
      • total serialism;
      • set theory;
    • Counterpoint;
  • Electronic music tools:
    • MaxMSP;
    • PureData;
    • Ableton Live;
  • Improvisation;
  • Academic writing:
    • Essays;
    • Editing;
    • Structural logic.

* NB: Music theory is taught through composition activities.

Within reason I will come to you in the following parts of Melbourne:

  • Brunswick/Brunswick East/Brunswick West/Coburg;
  • Northcote/Thornbury;
  • Heidelberg/Rosanna/Ivanhoe;
  • Melbourne CBD and surrounds.

You can read about my work, and my qualifications and experiences elsewhere on my website, but in short I hold a PhD from the University of Melbourne, in sonic practice across music and installation, along with a Bachelor of Music with first class Honours from Monash University. I am an internationally-performed composer and former professional bassist.

These music lessons are a minimum of one hour in duration, charged in 15-minute blocks after the first hour.

Please contact me for additional information or to book a lesson.

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