Transmoglifier – Max for Live device (and WB week 6-11 summary)


I’ve been terribly slack updating my weeklybeats progress, but I do have a good excuse – I’ve been busy.

I’m going to start with my most recent WeeklyBeat, as that is really the subject of this entry. Week 11 is called Transmoglification, because inventive names is totally my fortissimo. It’s a ukelele played through a Max patch, that explores very rapid delay-line feedback systems and frequency (in the time domain) transpositions. The effect I was going for was something akin to turning a ukelele into an Indonesian gamelan instrument. It worked somewhat, but the effect is really fun. I daresay such an effect already exists, but I’ve been wanting to port my Max experience over to Max for Live for a while, just haven’t really had the motivation to do so. So, anyway, here is the result of that experiment:

WeeklyBeats Week #11: Transmoglification

And here is the Max for Live object.

I’m still learning this stuff, so if anybody improves the patch, or re-writes it more efficiently, do let me know and please send me the updated version so I can learn, too! Similarly, if anybody uses the device for some work, I’d love to hear it!

On to an inverse-chronological rundown of my other recent WeeklyBeats.

Week 10: TOHV – APATHY

This is a fairly rushed track that took my piece Sycophantic Lovers (see below) and subjected it to a stochastic, granular re-performance through the Sector iPad app.

Week 9: Quick, Save Wilma!

A quick piece I threw together using prepared acoustic bass guitar. Improvisation, single take. Was quite an enjoyable experience!

Week 8: Movement Study #4 (Glitch #3)

A stochastic, granular re-performance of my piece Movement Study #1, using the Sector iPad app.

Week 7: Sycophantic Lovers

The third (and final) set of pieces using the oldest known human voice recording as the sample material for the generation of all sounds.

Week 6: What Will I Do?

The second of three pieces using the oldest known human voice recording as the sample material for the generation of all sounds.

And that concludes the recent WeeklyBeats wrap-up. As always, questions, comments, etc are welcome via Facebook or email.

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