How ought one live? (2019)
for voice or voices
Vincent Giles

Perf. score v. 0.9
dur: any

This is an open/structured improvisation for solo voice (or multiple singers could perform from multiple iterations.)
While the score should render effectively on most displays, it designed for iPad-sized screens or bigger, and smaller screens may omit the bottom-most information.
Click or tap to regenerate at performer's leisure. Performance ends when the performer decides it ends.
Performer should consider space and time relative to the screen size and navigate the text top-to-bottom, left-to-right. Octaves are equivalent.
Performer should take cues from the text shade as to things like dynamic, articulation. This is a structured improvisation.
The pitch material is arhythmic to give the performer the pitch relations between words only, with rhythm and other articulations defined in performance.
Performer should attempt to frame the entire score in their window/browser.

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